Circus Circus Las Vegas

The Circus has 123,928 square feet (11,513.3 m2) of casinos and 3,767 hotel rooms, the casino has an area of 11,513.3 m2 by 123,928 square feet, and the hotel has 3,767 rooms.

The Circus Casino Hotel and Theme Park is located in Las Vegas, within walking distance of nearby attractions such as Adventuredome Theme Park and Slots-A-Fun Casino. Activities at the Circus-Circus Hotel include the permanent circus and the Adventuredome, a 20,000 m2 indoor amusement park. The Circus is the fifth largest hotel in the world.

Circus Las Vegas is an iconic 3,773-room Las Vegas hotel that includes the Adventuredome, a five-acre indoor theme park, 8 restaurants, a vibrant casino, Midway and free world-class circus performances. Circus Circus Las Vegas offers free world-class circus performances above, 200 exciting Midway games, fun casino action and a recently refurbished Race & Sports Book.

The Circus-Circus Hotel Las Vegas is a family-run casino hotel built of three towers connected by an air shuttle. With everything from restaurants to casinos and an indoor theme park, the hotel can keep you (and your kids) busy throughout your Las Vegas stay.

Circus has a huge casino and more than 3,800 rooms, a camper park and an indoor amusement park that are all in 68 acres – all in Circus Circus. Circus Drive – Located just north of the resort, this six-story garage is more convenient and easier to use for those of you in the Skyrises.

The casino is slightly longer than a football field and features 19 blackjack tables, eight craps tables, two roulette tables and 686 slot machines. Like a marquee, the huge casino will include numerous circus performances that will take place in the huge hall and trapeze and cable performances which will dance and sing on the casino and in each of the 14 bars and restaurants located in the building. Circus Circus itself will eventually include a full roster of acquaintances from Circus Circus.

Additional casino space and a second garage were added in 1985 [108] [109] and the 29-storey Circus Skyrise was under construction, which would add 1,188 rooms to a total of 2,793 rooms.

Bennett was initially skeptical that the family-run Casino could succeed in Las Vegas and later became known as. Circus Circus Enterprises and then Mandalay Resort Group. Address 2880 Las Vegas South Boulevard Opening on October 18, 1968 – 53 years ago (). Circus Circus Las Vegas is a hotel and casino located on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip in Winchester, Nevada.

The great location, excellent reviews, reasonable prices and plenty of entertainment make this hotel and casino the best value for money in Las Vegas. If you’re planning to fill your hotel room with essentials, the Century Food Mart is located on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Convention Center Drive.
At the main entrance to Slots O Fun there’s a Subway sandwich and Nobles Roman Pizza shared restaurant, which is different from the hotel buffets and mega restaurants. The pool and water park are free for hotel guests but there are usually queues to enter the pool or in one of the 2 outdoor pools or 2 jacuzzis. Wi-Fi is free, but the resort’s daily and parking fees are sometimes higher than the hotel nightly rate.

The Adventuredome offers 25 rides and attractions including Canyon Blaster, a dual-attraction roller coaster; slingshot shot; inverter; and the Rim Runner boat ride. Midway surrounds the circus stage and offers an amazing selection of exciting games that the whole family will love… While child-friendly facilities can discourage families traveling to Las Vegas from staying here, parents of children will not be as happy with the decision to stay at the circus in many cases…

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