The Freemont Street Experience

What to expect as a first time tourist?

Fremont Street was the first hotel in Las Vegas (the Nevada Hotel in 1906, now the Golden Gate), the first telephone (1907) [1], the first paved road (1925), the first playground Nevada license issued to the North Club at 15 E Fremont St, first traffic light, first elevator (Apache Hotel in 1932) and first skyscraper (Hotel Fremont in 1956). Just a few years later, in 1931, the Northern Club, a gambling hall on Fremont Street, received one of the first six gambling licenses in Nevada and became the first legal Fremont Street casino. 

In 1996, a neon sign featuring horses and riders at the Hacienda Hotel & Casino was placed at the east entrance of ESF, at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street. About ten years later, Viva Vision was added, a multi-sensory attraction that covers the top of the footpath and displays incredible visuals and music 24 hours a day.

The Las Vegas Freemont Street Experience
The Las Vegas Freemont Street Covered Street In Las Vegas
While many families have a lot of fun with young visitors on Fremont Street (especially for dinner or visiting the aforementioned attractions), some parents might want to know that downtown Las Vegas is still … well, downtown Las Vegas. This means “superheroes”, dancers in peacock costumes and many other interesting characters in different clothes, often as street performers selling pictures for tips. It is designed to hold iconic Las Vegas items like dancers, big hand, videotape, coins, flamingos, martini glasses, and large dice.
The Girls having fun at night on Las Vegas Nevada's famous Freemont Street
The sky is lit up at night with beautiful amazing light show only Las Vegas could provide
The Indoor Freemont Street experience is great on those rare rainy days in Vegas when the sun doesnt shine

The Freemont Street Experience Las Vegas


If this is your first time in Vegas, I advise you to check out one of the themed hotels on the Strip. But if you’ve been to Sin City and would like to visit a historic hotel this side of Las Vegas, you can choose one of the hotels mentioned in this article, or take inspiration from the hotel list below.
You will love to wander around, listening to the story of Glitter Gulch, seeing ancient neon signs, and classic Las Vegas casinos such as Golden Nugget and Binionas Gambling Hall. On Fremont Street in Las Vegas, there is a Golden Nugget Casino with 200,000 gallon shark tanks. You can watch sharks of various sizes and types behind the glass, or you can take a guided tour by a guide Get close to the marine biologist’s gold nugget while you swim with sharks.

During the tour, you can witness a meal and learn about different types of sharks. The site has become a major tourist attraction in downtown Las Vegas, as well as the SlotZilla zip line and the city’s annual New Year’s Eve party with screen fireworks.

Viva Vision has a 1,500-foot-long, 90-foot-high, and 90-foot-wide video screen that hangs high above the pedestrian center above some of the most popular hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. As you stroll along the waterfront, this lampshade covers the Fremont Street experience and plays a bright light show at any time of the day or night. Free entertainment on Fremont Street-Live Concert In addition to the famous canopy and unique light and sound performances, the Fremont Street Experience Hall is also an excellent venue for free concerts throughout the year.

On the 7th, you’ll find a huge fire-breathing mantis at Downtown Container Park, which also offers rides for kids. In our article on Nevada’s Crazy Landmarks, we talked about fire-breathing mantises, the lovely Neon Museum and other oddities on Fremont Street and other parts of the city center. Las Vegas Magazine is filled with informative content such as restaurants to visit, cocktails to drink and attractions. All this is brought to you by a former history teacher who loves everything Vegas.

If you have a large group, let me know and I can arrange a fully customized tour for you. On this 2-hour ride, you will meet in a Segway Vegas and learn some tips for navigating your Segway before take off.

Your Las Vegas adventure would not be complete without a ride on SlotZilla, the world’s most popular zipline. Slotzilla offers thrill seekers an unforgettable experience by taking them into the air and guiding them under the canopy through the Golden Gate Casino. If the neon and hellish bustle of Fremont Street Experience has bored you, leave behind the lightning line and Heart Attack Grill and walk through Fremont’s East Gate at the intersection with N Las Vegas Blvd.

The Fremont Street Experience restricted the pedestrian center to hotel guests on New Year’s Eve, a change that took place a few hours before thousands of people gathered in the downtown entertainment district six blocks away. State officials said the pedestrian center is preparing to receive up to 14,000 visitors on Thursday night and has obtained special permits from the city of Las Vegas, allowing them to ban street entertainment, charge security fees, and provide more crowd control. …Earlier this month, a permit issued by the City of Las Vegas gave Fremont Street the right to restrict access to the public pedestrian center. Only hotel guests 21 and older who live in Binion’s, California, Circa, D Las Vegas, Four Queens, Fremont, Golden Gate, and Gold Nuggets can use a valid bracelet to enter the boardwalk.

Popular attractions such as The Plaza, El Cortez and Downtown Grand are also nearby. Casinos in Las Vegas and downtown benefit from this, as more than 60% of downtown visitors are attracted by light shows and theater performances and stay to enjoy the attractions of nearby casinos.
Visitors could ride the SlotZilla and see the Viva Vision Canopy and fireworks from the Plaza, a casino hotel in the city center. In addition, a smartphone app was being developed that allowed attendees to select the next song to perform on Fremont Street, as well as allowing them to watch the canopy show on their phone. But this promise was not fulfilled, and as far as we know, the nugget remained in the Deep South, and in Las Vegas there is only one copy, as in the hotels of the same name in Laughlin and Atlantic City.

Spread over four blocks, it has a large canopy and an open-air mall with a variety of casinos, light shows and concerts. It is equipped with 12.5 million LED lights that are ten stories above the street and are 1,500 feet long, 90 feet wide, and have a 550,000-watt sound system show every night. This street is as old as Las Vegas; it was founded in 1905 and was the first cobbled street in the city.

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